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We offer comprehensive care to keep your pet healthy and happy!

General Care/Health

We at Printz Veterinary Services are here to help you with your pet’s care, because we understand that they play an integral role in the family unit and in the overall well-being of human health in general. When you have concerns or questions about feeding and exercise, if your pet is suffering from ear infections or allergies, or if you have a sick pet, we can help. Not only do we have in-house laboratory equipment that can give us answers within minutes, but we also have digital radiology, ultrasonography, ECG capabilities, ocular testing, and oscillimetric blood pressure equipment as well.

General Surgery

Our surgical center opened in June of 2019 and keeps our surgical patients separate from the chaos of the daily functions so that they get top-notch care. We take surgery and anesthesia seriously, and treat your pets like we do our own. An individualized anesthetic plan is developed and tailored to each patient’s specific medical needs, and our top of the line anesthetic monitoring machines track everything from ECG readings to blood pressure to carbon dioxide levels. All of these measures help us to keep your pet as safe as possible while we perform basic surgeries, including spay/neuters to mass removals and even more advanced soft tissue and orthopedic procedures, such as splenectomies, enterotomies, resection and anastasmosis, cystotomies, extracapsular repairs on cruciate injuries, fragment repairs, and even ceasarian sections.

General Dentistry

Because we like puppy kisses too, and because it just feels good to have a clean mouth, we believe pets should have clean mouths too! We follow gold standard practices, utilizing high speed drills, dental radiology, dental blocks, and full anesthetic monitoring. Despite this complete care, we strive to also keep dental cleanings affordable and keep you informed about any dental work your pet may need before moving forward, because we don’t like surprise either!

Preventative Care

We believe greatly in the value of preventative care because healthy animals are happy animals! Comprehensive preventative care consists of annual physical examinations, appropriate vaccinations as advised by AAHA guidelines, annual lab testing depending on the age and needs of the patient, and preventative products against many parasites. We also discuss diet recommendations because not every pet has the same needs. We offer nothing more and nothing less than we provide for our own family pets.


Ever had a concern about your pet but no way to get to the clinic for care? We understand this, and living in the modern age, have decided to bring care for your pet directly into your own home virtually! As long as your pet is a current patient (has been seen within the past year), we may even be able to fill medications that can be picked up or mailed to you at your convenience. Many issues, such as behavioral concerns, rechecks, or ongoing care for chronic cases (including allergies) can successfully be managed via this modality. Download the TeleVet App and search for Dr. Trent Printz, Dr. Kelsy Printz, or Dr. Leia Aldrich for a consultation. Our veterinary nurses are also available to answer many of your questions for free.

Large Animal

Not only cats and dogs need care in this community; there are also many farm animals that we understand need help too. Dr. Trent is dedicated to treat these animals whether they are a pet or part of a herd (depending on availability and location). You may either trailer your animals onto the premises for treatment or connect with us about scheduling for a farm call. If we cannot provide care as urgently as may be needed however, we may be able to either fill medications or assist in finding an alternative solution.


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